November 29

Holly Pavlick McIver, DDS, MSD ’06

Go on a “midnight run” with Holly Pavlick McIver, DDS, MSD ’06 and a fellow ND alum as they learn about the simple joys that bind us together over a lifetime.

“At first, we only set out to get some exercise, but it ended up being much more than running. We found peace, joy, gratitude, companionship, and prayer through some of the busiest days of college. It nurtured mind, body, and soul in a way that only the sacred aspect of Notre Dame can.”

During this Advent season, when so much of life can be filled with holiday busyness and stress, what simple act can provide us with moments of clarity and peace that deepens our faith?


  1. I appreciate the words…”what simple act can provide us with moments of clarity and peace that deepens our faith.?”
    I remember hearing once, Advent means awake. I am awaking to at least a bit more of everything around me this Advent season.

  2. Thank you so much for your story. God does indeed work in “mysterious” ways, though those ways are so often simple and yet profound…

  3. As a former marathon runner, I remember the value of having a training partner. Someone waiting for you at 5 am at a neighborhood street corner. And friendly conversation that would block the pain of sore legs and too little sleep. What wonderful memories, of days gone bye. Jim Kubiak ’68

  4. Lived in Farley in 1959-60, on the “Freshman Quad”. Wonderful to see and hear your story, Holly. In my time at Farley we had to be in our rooms at 10 pm for “room check”, and stay in the dorm after the check. So, I didn’t have the opportunity for midnight runs as you did. I’m glad you had that opportunity to find Peace at the end of the day, and make a lifelong friend in the process. I’m blessed to still have 5 friends I see periodically who were in Farley when I was. Mike Whitney, ND ‘63.

  5. Thank you for this – I am sitting at my desk and was feeling overwhelmed – I just listened to your reflection and I am good to go! Go Irish!

  6. Reminded me of the runs I took often with my classmate at ND who remains a good friend. Bonding and blessings at ND never changes.

  7. It’s a matter of turning my own will over to the grotto and everything that Mary means to me. When I knell there my spirt rises to the heavens. It means so much to me

  8. Loved your story. Running partners are special, as they make you accountable yet so much more can, and often does come from it. Farley was home to me as well from 1978-1981. May God continue to Bless your running days and bless your friendship from many years ago.

  9. There’s something about after midnight when you’re on campus. A walk or my favorite, just sitting at the Grotto when it’s cold and quiet. So relaxing and energizing at the same time.

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of how God can meet you in the silence of an early morning run. Sooo true!! What a blessing that you are still benefiting from the memories of these sacred runs on the holy grounds of Notre Dame’s campus.

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