December 20

Brianna May

The loving relationship between a mother and a daughter and the memory of campus walks together highlight this story by staff member Brianna May.

“Today, I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling walking that familiar path. It reconnects me to my memories of my mom. It brings me an intimate feeling of peace. Every time I walk under the broad, green tree arches, I get that same feeling that everything is in its place and everything will be alright.”

In this season of Advent, when the days grow shorter and we seek light in the company of loved ones, where do we find those people and places that remind us that “all is calm, all is bright?


  1. Thank you Brianna for your beautiful reflection. I’ve been missing my Mom as these days lead up to Christmas and I love the thought of you walking the campus with your Mom. It reminds me that they don’t have to be physically with us to feel their spirit. Love is eternal. Have a Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. That is a wonderful memory. I lived at Sorin so I know those trees very well. Your story brings great joy. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  3. Brianna, Thank you for your very touching sacred story. I enjoyed the visual of the campus areas you and your mom so often enjoyed together, and the mental image of the two of you traipsing all over ND’s campus. What beautiful memories you must have of your walks together within this beautiful and sacred place! May you continue to draw strength, peace, and joy from your memories of the precious time spent with your mom enjoying the beauty of God’s creation on the ND campus. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Thank You Brianna and All who make these Sacred Stories possible. It is nice to be reminded of my Mom who graduated from this life 21 years ago. She was Light to her 14 children and many others. Today’s story has me remembering and pondering the places and moments with my Mom and other family members and friends. The following words from today are quite impactful: “and we seek light in the company of loved ones, where do we find those people and places that remind us that “all is calm, all is bright?

  5. Thank you for this sweet story Brianna! Brought me a smile
    today for sure! I know that path well too! Thanks for sharing and prayers for a blessed holiday season for you and your family!

  6. Brianna – Yours is a beautiful story of family and Notre Dame. I’ve walked under those arches of trees leading to the main building dozens of times. It will now be different and more meaningful, remembering your story. Thank you for passing your memories on to us.

  7. Beautiful memories. I also find Him in many family memories. Have walked on the beautiful campus for games and to visit our son who graduated in 1988 from the law school. Very special place!
    Bless you and your mother.

  8. In 1982 my sophomore ND, daughter was studying in Angers France. We spent her Easter break with her, and our itinerary included visiting my father’s home in Germany and getting to know his relatives .
    He died of CA the early morning after we arrived home, I never saw him and this upset my mom.
    In May I brought her to ND to help get freshman son, Tom and
    His belongings from St . Ed’s dorm.
    Despite her grief she laughed and loved each moment of that
    The following year she stayed with us in Grace Hall were we lodged during commencement of class of 84. She loved all her visits to ND. I enjoy being on campus to remember those moments in her95 years of life.
    Merry Christmas Brianna and thanks for sharing your memory!
    Blessings, Marilyn Woidat

  9. Spending time sitting in Sacred Heart Church after exams, Participating at 5pm Mass with Fr. Griffin, praying at the grotto, sitting on the second floor of the Main library and watching it snow outside from the big picture windows to reset my brain, jogging from Carrol Hall around the lakes to Stephan Center and back in the summer are some of my cherished memories…..Merry Christmas Brianna and thanks from me for sharing your memory!
    All God’s Blessings to you and your family, Thomas Jindra73 MBA

  10. Brianna,
    Thanks so much for such a poignant and joyous reflection…the bonds between mother and daughter, profound and wondrous as they are, seem dwarfed by the bonds Jesus has with us, His children. Our continued faith in God will indeed allow us to find those moments and people who make us feel “calm and bright”. Blessings to you!

  11. Brianna

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflection and for reminding us that God’s sacred moments surround us daily through our loved ones

    Merry Christmas to you , your family , and the Notre Dame community

  12. My beautiful daughter, this touched my heart so much that I have cried numerous times as I watch it over and over. I am glad that the University has touched you in such a profound way. I have called Notre Dame my happy place for many years and choosing to accept a position here so many years ago was the best decision I ever made! Love you!

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