December 1

Nhat Nguyen

Journey with Duncan Hall rector Nhat Nguyen on a pilgrimage as he shares how he has carried his mountaintop spiritual experiences throughout his life and work.

“We all have mountaintop experiences that we can recall of great happiness and joy, a great sense of peace and meaning that comes into our lives. The desire to hold onto these experiences is a gut-level instinct. We hold on because we don’t think that other experiences can top them or they can ever happen again.”

During this Advent season, let us remember we are all on a pilgrimage. The destination is God, and we accompany each other through this life’s journey. How can we share the joy, peace, and inspiration from our mountaintop moments with each other to aid each other on this spiritual journey?



  1. I am writing this message from the Shrine of Blessed Basil Moreau/Parish of Our Lady of Holy Cross (Le Mans, France) where I work, and had the chance to meet Nhat on his pilgrimage. Thank you Nhat for this very moving video.
    I await every year these “Sacred Stories of Notre Dame”, as I have developped over the years a great bond with Notre Dame through the visits of pilgrims at the Shrine, and through our former rector, Fr. John De Riso. I had the chance to visit notre Dame in 2017 as a pilgrim, and it was a mountaintop experience for me. I remember it every time I see the stained-glass window of Notre Dame in the Shrine.
    God bless you all and…Love thee, Notre Dame !

  2. How blessed the residents of Duncan Hall are to have you as their rector!! Thank you for sharing your sacred story, and for reminding us that life is a pilgrimage towards God. Another Advent resource I also enjoy said this, “A pilgrim is one who understand that the experience of God is to be found not only in the destination but also along the journey”. You live out this definition very well. May God bless you with many more mountaintop experiences.

  3. Wonderful testimonial. My son is a Duncan man. There was a very nice item in the wsj last December about a Duncan man who came on hard times and how his Duncan mates rallied around him when it mattered most

  4. “Mountaintop Moments”…with your kind permission, Nhat, I’d like to borrow this to use in my everyday journey of Faith and Our Lord. What a perfect symbol to help illustrate our universal desire to complete our own daily pilgrimage to God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

  5. This all reminds me that the spiritual paths are about leaning forward with whatever experiences we face and “growing” forward with one another. Peace to each of us.

  6. It’s all about the pilgrimage! I so enjoy these inspiring, beautiful stories. God’s blessings for the journey.

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